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Scientific Research Corporation
La Libertad, NA, El Salvador
22 days ago
Scientific Research Corporation
La Libertad, El Salvador
22 days ago


The smallest country in Central America, El Salvador is big on natural wonders. The beaches which are world renowned for surfing are only 30-45 minutes from the Embassy and the lakes are approximately an hour and half away. The nearby volcanoes offer amazing hiking opportunities and many at Post take advantage of the opportunities for mountain biking along the slopes. The compound offers many amenities such as a pool which has a great outdoor bar/restaurant, beach volleyball, walking trail, outdoor basketball court, and a full length soccer field. The post also offers a commissary along with a cafeteria. The commissary is nice but small due to the ability to buy a lot of goods on the local market. PriceSmart, which is equivalent to a Sam's or Costco in the States, has a number of western goods and the local grocery stores have a good selection as well. Basic English is widely spoken by most educated El Salvadorians in San Salvador.

We are lucky here in San Salvador, it's easy for us to travel to all the tourist destinations in country and it's cheap to fly to and in some instances drive to neighboring countries. As long as you follow the travel policy in terms of which roads to drive on and what times to not be driving, you should be good to go. On a day to day basis, San Salvador feels very safe, but it is important to understand that the post is rated high for crime and when in El Salvador make sure to be vigilant/follow the RSO rules and suggestions. Like in any city, there are certain places you should probably not go, and in most cases there is no reason to go to those places.

This position will be responsible for Design-build of a critical security upgrade project on the US Embassy Compound in San Salvador, El Salvador. Project site is located in San Salvador on an existing 26 acre site.

Construction will include a new consular CAC, Campus Perimeter Wall Upgrades, new consular garden, visitor parking reconfiguration, MCAC/SCAC renovations, motor pool building improvements, safe area renovation in the existing chancery and annex, anti-climb upgrade on existing chancery and annex exteriors, new mail screening facility and underground utilities.

COVID Specific Requirements:

Selected individuals will need a negative PCR test to fly to El Salvador. This is currently required even if the individual is vaccinated. El Salvador is enforcing the use of mask indoors.

  • Performing a wide range of construction management functions, assisting the OBO Project Director (PD) as a Construction Manager (CM) and management expert for planning, directing, managing, and coordinating the Department's overseas construction projects, and working with assigned project team members to achieve the highest possible priority and effectiveness in meeting the scope, schedule and cost goals of the OBO Construction Management projects
  • Working closely with the PD or OBO Construction Management Construction Executive in coordinating the efforts of the OBO project staff providing leadership and guidance to the OBO project staff
  • Ensuring that an appropriate safety and accident prevention plan is implemented on each project contract; and reviews, monitors and coordinates project safety issues with the Contractor, the Post Occupational Safety and Health Officer (POSHO), and the Safety Officer in CM's Construction Support Division (OBO/CFSM/CS), in accordance with the requirements of the US Corporation of Engineers Safety and Health Requirements Manual and host country health and safety requirements when more stringent
  • Assisting post and/or managing the work of the OBO CM Project Contractor(s) in planning, coordinating, evaluating, and scheduling the work to ensure that Project Contractor(s) meet required standards of quality, civil schedule, cost goals, and contract compliance
  • Interpreting and explaining plans and contract document terms to administrative staff, contractor superintendents, vendors, and OBO clients, representing the interests of OBO while ensuring the understanding of all that the Contracting Officer for the project contract is the only individual with authority to direct changes to the scope of work through written modifications
  • Ensuring that the project contractor(s) have obtained any necessary licenses and permits; and that they are properly displayed with a copy in the project files prior to commencement of related works
  • Ensuring project contractors provide appropriate supervision and quality control inspections of the work
  • Studying the International Building Code and job specifications to determine appropriate construction methods, providing quality assurance inspections and field verification of all aspects of the contractor's quality control program; and supervising owner-sponsored field / laboratory tests as required to verify the contractor's quality control program
  • Conferring with supervisory personnel, Post clients, contractors, and design professionals to discuss and resolve matters such as work procedures, complaints, and construction problems
  • Receiving contractor submittals and reviewing for completeness and determining whether OBO project staff, OBO Design Engineer, or the Architectural/Engineering (A/E) performing construction phase services shall review and provide comments and recommendations for acceptance of the submittals. The CM tracks the timeliness of submittals due from the contractor, their review by OBO, and response/return to the contractor
  • Evaluating contractor's proposed submittal substitutions with construction engineering implications and makes recommendations to the PD concerning the disposition of the contractor's request
  • Evaluating the necessity and accuracy of any contractor change order proposals; and preparing Statements of Work and Independent Government Estimates for modifications and change orders as may be required
  • Reviewing and evaluating design calculations and data provided by the contractor(s) from a construction engineering perspective
  • Ensuring that the project contractors maintain as-built documentation
  • Providing the PD with draft responses to the contractor's and other organization's requests for information
  • Reviewing the contractor's monthly pay request accurately represents the work performed by the Project Contractors
  • Ensuring that materials for which payment has been requested are properly accounted for, in acceptable condition, and stored correctly
  • Maintaining a "Daily Project Log" as defined in the Construction Management Guidebook
  • Preparing a CM Monthly Progress Report summarizing the status of construction projects; publishing and distributing the CM Monthly Report as directed, maintaining progress photo albums for each contract project; and implementing and monitoring project reporting in accordance with the Construction Management Guidebook
  • As sisting the Project Director and/or Post in acquiring and utilizing local construction professionals and construction contractors; and ensuring scopes of services required of Local Employee Staff (LES) and local A/E firms are appropriately defined from an engineering standpoint, as required
  • Supporting the PD in all contract administration matters, including negotiation of modifications and/or claims and interpretation of contract requirements
  • Developing and maintaining an inventory of property to include domestic and overseas project property procured for the CM Projects, ensuring that inventory reporting complies with the requirements of the Department, the Foreign Affairs Manual (FAM), and directions promulgated by the Office of the Deputy Director for Resource Management (OBO/RM)
  • A ssisting with the development of presentations, special reports, and special projects as related to the engineering aspects of the overseas construction program, as required
  • Participating in project meetings and conferences as appropriate, and, when required, preparing minutes of project meetings
  • Cooperating and coordinating with the Contracting Officer Representative (COR) and other members of the CM and OBO staff
  • Coordinating the development of Independent Government Estimates (IGEs) for modifications and change orders
  • Preparing Monthly Progress Reports and attends meetings summarizing project status, with emphasis on engineering
  • Undertaking other duties, similar to those described above, as may be assigned by the COR or Project Director

Job Information

  • Job ID: 59638745
  • Location:
    La Libertad, El Salvador
  • Position Title: Construction Manager
  • Company Name: Scientific Research Corporation
  • Job Function: Other
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